April 11, 2013


09. Fruit Platter Parrot. I figure that it's a good thing to sum up what I've used for the previous creations,  so here's a miscellaneous, which happens to be a fun fruit platter! Strawberries, apples, kiwis, bananas, purple cabbage and a tiny raisin for the eye.

10. Van Gogh's breakfast. My first time trying foodscape for Easter. Inspired by his signature complementary colors and post impressionistic strokes, I was imagining Van Gogh eating this hearty meal before heading out to paint. 

On a later note, I should put a bird or two on the sky!

11. Malaysia in a Durian. Have been wanting to do something with this gentle giant. So let's vote, eat durian and make it a Bersih and fair election!

12. Vege Farmville. Previously I challenge myself using only one or two relevant materials, but this time round I'm trying more, or just anything I can find around me. And this is made of all sorts of mini veges I could rummage out from my fridge.

13. Swiss Roll Snail. I totally screwed up plan A that day, so here's an impromptu creation using my mini bites takeaway from a meeting that afternoon. Something simple and lighthearted. Made of sesame/pandan swiss roll and glutinous kuih (tart).

14.Nutty Squirrel. A warm up trial with herbs, spices and dried stuff as suggested by my friend Tony. I was admiring Kathleen Lolley's forest illustration that evening, hence the inspiration source. Made of dried longans, roasted cashew nuts, cinnamon, mini dried mushrooms, red dates, and 'liang teh' grass which I have no idea what to call in English.

15. Roseberry. Suggested by my sister Caslin. For you and all my loved ones. Each rose is made of a single strawberry. Wanted to try something translucent for the vase, but the nata de coco is not obvious enough!

Hope that you enjoy these eye candies!


  1. Can't get over how beautiful the strawberry roses are. good for restaurant proposals! :D

    and i love the veggie farm! with a cow!

    1. Thank you dear, yes I've been learning multiple ways to cut the strawberries! Thank you thank you xx.

  2. Anh Huynh21.5.14

    This is soo beautiful! Please keep up the great work!! Could you please make a video tutorial how you made these roseberry? Just amazing!

  3. how wonderful they are!! all your works are masterpiece and i am so impressive of all your pieces.
    i am korean and didn't know you before but from now on i am the biggest fan of you!!!
    i will look forward to seeing your other works soon!! :-D


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