May 2, 2014


Finally, after much requested yet with so many reasons to delay, the prints for my flower girls are now available to purchase at Naiise

I have been juggling between so many new things for now (moving house, gallery representation, commissioned projects etc…) I feel that I am starting to lose my ends. The prints are ready at my home but I have trouble corresponding with customers and deliveries, my inner within is screaming desperately, wishing some angel would come and sort out the piles. Coincidentally, Amanda from Naiise contacted me at just the right time when I needed rescue. 

Naiise, being really nice, is an online platform that seeks, supports and curates works from local artists and individual brands. As much as I personally encourage everyone to purchase at least one original artwork in a lifetime, I strongly believe prints can be a very pocket friendly start for young people to collect artworks. 

If you are interested, feel free to visit here: 


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