March 23, 2013


Finally I got some time off to join #creativemarch on Instagram and play (or eat for most of the time) with the food, though my mum never taught me that that when I was young.

01. Banana Bird.

2. Frogs in Pond. I always thought the plants by the pond are sausages stuck on grass stems, I still don't know what they are! (Can anyone tell me their name?) Made of kiwi, kiwi skins and raisins.

03. Love is budding under the Broccoli Tree. Made of broccoli and mushroom sauce.

05. (Sequel with the Broccoli Tree) Finally the boy got the girl and love is in the air! Made of strawberries and Nutella.

And of course I get to indulge in some serious Nutella dips after that!

P/S: All foods are not wasted. They're all in my tummy now.
P/P/S: I'll be busy with my day job and will be neglecting CGV for a while, apologies for any trouble caused! But I will still try to update here as often as possible!


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