May 19, 2014


Instagram logo, soil and sunflower

Thank you so much Instagram for featuring me and my works! It means a lot looking back to the very first picture I posted there, still not too sure what to do with it other than stalking friends and taking selfless. Today, it's my own gallery and greatest inspiration resource. The community exudes such strong and positive energy it pushes me even further than I could ever imagine. A special thanks to dearest Eri Mishima, Community Manager of Instagram, Tokyo Headquarters who dug me out and here's a little story to share. 

 Eri sent me an email about the feature few months back but I didn't know at all until I decided to click on my spam box not long ago. And boy, am I glad to have rummaged through the funny spam mails! It turns out that the best thing might be hiding there! Lesson learnt! Thank you each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart, sending my ranting and best wishes all the way back to you! 

 xo, Limzy

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