May 9, 2014


Turnaround, boat orchids and watercolor on paper

I truly have this love-hate relationship with the world wide web.

While I am really happy to share my artworks and images freely online with credits, I can't help to still feel upset when some of my works are copied as well as all sorts of terrible encounters. My dear friend Mabel @mabzb found someone who stole her pictures and videos using another Instagram account and claimed to be his/her own. Today, someone told me a website has credited my work to another artist. I am usually really patient as it is really normal and I am always mentally prepared that such things are bound to happen online. But sometimes there are things I can't handle emotionally when it is overwhelming. 

I guess maybe it's time to move on to another project. Though I still have so many flower sketches yet to be done, I can't wait to try the next material or project that has been in my mind for a long time!

Thank you for listening to my ranting and I am really glad that you are here to know! 


  1. Hi Limzy, love your art so much. I and some of my friends do something almost the same, only we use compost materials (kitchen and garden trash materials before they went to the compost bin). Here I share you some from my blog

  2. First of all sorry if my English is not good enough to express what I want. It's sad when someone stole your work. It's true than sometimes people do similar things without knowing that someone else is already doing. I know it because I'm studying art and I also work with flowers composing like you, but not for create dresses. So this message is to say that I really love what you do and encourage you to continue because from now your are going to be another reference for me. :)
    Love, Patricia.


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